"You applied remarkable expertise in quantitative research to formulate a new statistical methodology for analyzing Auxiliary activity data. Exercising exceptional insight, you meticulously extracted and analyzed the data and applied a comprehensive model that helped keep the highest levels of Coast Guard leadership clearly appraised of the extraordinary value of the Auxiliary's uniformed volunteers."
— Capt. Tom Boross, USCG

"Matt Carter went above and beyond all reasonable expectations to deliver a perfect solution for me and my client with urgency and somehow patience."
— Monika Vainius, Pilotfish Technologies

"Matt Carter is my favorite teacher ever!"
— Amy Edwards, Bellefield

"Congremation is the most beautiful and easiest to use info system I've ever seen. I didn't even need to read the manual. I just started playing with it, and I can do everything."
— Denise Glickman

"I highly recommend Matt Carter for any cybersecurity work. He was a valuable asset to us in identifying the attacker, attack vector, and damages."
— Mark Calabrese, VP Vendor Management & Compliance at Aon

"Matt, you rock! Just anticipating questions from NACO and NEXCOM and you supplied exactly what I need."
— COMO Fred Gates, USCGA

"We approached Matt Carter to help us reach PCI-compliance with the restriction that there could be no third-party code used. He developed a custom 256-bit AES encryption class in PHP for us based on FIPS 197 that was among the best our IT auditors had seen."
— Matt LeVeque, Rath & Strong

"Splendid! A masterpiece on the first draft! I'm nominating you for an award for this!"
— ANACO Pete Jensen, USCGA

"Naviguardian has been a blessing to our family. I can't thank you enough for making this! It just works!"
— Barb English

"Our program reviewers [at CG-821] have had complete visibility and concurrence on Dr. Carter's report. We are forwarding it on to the Commandant with full recommendation that this tool be used."
— Master Chief Leonard Barbazon, USCG